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As a homeowner in New Jersey, there’s a lot to take care of in Spring. From cleaning out your gutters to mowing your lawn, there’s a lot on your plate. Unfortunately, a serious threat to your home is on its way as well: Termite Swarms. 

New Jersey is home to the eastern subterranean termite, causing an estimated $5,000,000,000 (yes, five billion) in property damage a year. The pests work endlessly, able to chew wood 24 hours a day, and boasting the title of the most expensive pest to deal with in the U.S. 

Signs of an Eastern Subterranean Termite Swarm:

  • Spotting a Termite: The termites themselves are 10mm in length, brown/black with long milky white wings.  
  • Swarms/Cast-Off Wings: In the spring, swarmers will emerge from a termite colony, and begin searching for a mate. Once a mating pair is created they will cast off their wings and begin nesting. If you see several sets of cast-off wings near your property, there’s a high chance you have a termite problem.
  • Mud Tubes: Termites avoid moving across open ground, instead building covered tubes of mud. These mud tubes go directly to their food sources. If you see these distinctive tubes on your foundation, knocking them down will do little to get rid of the swarming termites as it’s a sign they’re already in your house.

Preventing Termite Swarms In Your Home:

The following are some tips to help you stop a swarm from settling in the first place.  

  • Create An 18-Inch Gap Between Wood and Soil: Dig out an 18-inch trench between your home and the soil around it. Filling this trench with gravel will not only greatly deter termites, but provide great drainage around your home.
  • Use Termite Bait Stations: Termite bait stations can be purchased online and in stores. These bait stations will help draw away termites with wings, keeping an infestation far from your home.
  • Inspect Your Foundation Each Season: Routine inspections for signs of subterranean termites are vital for prevention. Checking your property constantly for wood damage and mud tubes will help you catch them early on and get rid of them quickly. In addition, check that your home is properly sealed and ventilated. Termites thrive in humid environments and keeping your home dry is an easy step in making sure they stay away.

If your property has signs of a termite infestation call a professional service immediately! Since these pests can eat 24/7, the amount of damage they cause in one day can be immense.

Professional Termite Removal 

If you’ve spotted signs of a subterranean termite infestation, call the professionals at Eastern Pest Services right away. As your local termite experts since 1985, we offer complete removal services to keep your home standing strong. We’ll determine the entry point and species, remove them, and then set your property up to keep them out for good.

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