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Mosquito Control & Removal

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Home and business owners around Northern New Jersey often call us about their mosquito problems that have gotten way out of hand. Mosquitoes are infamously one of the most difficult pests to avoid. On top of that, some mosquitoes are capable of spreading devastating diseases, making them more dangerous than almost any other insect. These factors make it greatly important to team up with a mosquito control expert to get rid of them.

Our technicians at Eastern Pest Services are committed to keeping mosquitoes off of our customers' properties all year long.

Complete Mosquito Pest Control Solutions

As a homeowner in North Jersey, you probably have a hard time avoiding mosquitoes throughout the spring and summer. It might seem impossible to keep mosquitoes out of your yard or enjoy a summer without constant buzzing and bites. However, teaming up with a mosquito professional can help you secure a mosquito-free yard during the height of their seasons. With multiple tested treatment solutions at our disposal, we can make sure that mosquitoes keep off of your property all year long.

Mosquito Removal for YOUR HOME

Residential Mosquito Service in Northern New Jersey

The warm and humid weather we see every spring and summer in North Jersey creates a hospitable environment for mosquitoes. Getting ahead of the season with preventative mosquito control measures can help keep these pests away.

Our technicians will take these measures to keep you mosquito-free:

  1. A complete property inspection to find hotspots and breeding grounds.
  2. Application of targeted mosquito control products 
  3. Exclusion efforts like barrier treatments and more to keep mosquitoes from living and breeding in the area.
  4. Offering DIY mosquito prevention advice to help you keep these bugs out on your own

Mosquito Removal for YOUR BUSINESS

Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Business

A mosquito infestation can damage your business’ reputation and slow your operations day-to-day. Not only can they distress staff, mosquitoes can also scare away customers looking to enjoy an outdoor experience. With the potential for lost business on the line, it’s important to team up with a mosquito pest control expert to keep these pests from bothering your patrons and employees.

Eastern Pest Services understands how mosquitoes work, so we can strategically control them for you to protect your business.

Eastern Pest Services Reviews

Melissa, Tony, and Eric were freindly, professional and knowledgeable on the subject of pest control. Extremely thorough service. I would highly recommend to others. Top notch service. You will not be disappointed.

– Robert L.

Pest Control You Can Trust

At Eastern Pest Services, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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