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Bee, Wasp, & Hornet Control & Removal

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Eastern Pest Services has been North Jersey's leader in bee, wasp, and hornet control for over 35 years. Although it's normal to have a few stinging insects around, they can become dangerous when they construct nests in or near our homes and businesses. If you don't tread carefully around them, you can accidentally aggravate them and receive painful stings in return. This is why it's important to seek out professional bee and wasp control when you need to get rid of them.

Our bee and wasp removal team can protect your home or business from stinging insects year-round.

Bees and Wasp Removal Solutions

Bees, wasps, and hornets are tricky to deal with because we all know that they’re good for the environment. They’re crucial to plant growth as pollinators and also control harmful insect populations. However, these insects can create dangerous conditions for humans when they live too close to our dwellings. Because bees and wasps can become aggressive, it’s important to work with a professional bee and wasp control company to remove them safely and quickly. 

Bee, Wasp & Hornet Control Services for YOUR HOME

Residential Bee, Wasp & Hornet Control

Whether you have a nest in your backyard or in your walls, it’s important to keep distance from the area to avoid aggravating the insects. Never try to remove the nest yourself—leave it to the experts at Eastern Pest Services. We have over 35 years of experience in safe and effective bee and wasp removal in North Jersey.

Our highly trained team will take these measures to keep you safe from stinging insects:

  1. A technician will visit your property to identify the stinging insect species and find all active nests.
  2. We will implement safe bee or wasp removal procedures using humane and non-toxic techniques. 
  3. After removing the nests, we will relocate or dispose of them safely.
  4. We will then use exclusion practices to ensure that no more stinging insect nests form around your home. 

Bee, Wasp and Hornet Removal for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Bees and Wasps Away From Your Commercial Property

Having bees, wasps, or hornets around your commercial property can cause many problems for your business, especially if they’ve built a nest. Wasps often look for sugary and protein-rich food in garbage cans, gardens, and trees. This means that restaurants, food processing facilities, and many other kinds of businesses are at risk. It’s crucial to protect your property from these insects professionally. 

Eastern Pest Services offers professional methods of hornet and wasp control to keep your business safe year-round.

Eastern Pest Services Reviews

Melissa, Tony, and Eric were freindly, professional and knowledgeable on the subject of pest control. Extremely thorough service. I would highly recommend to others. Top notch service. You will not be disappointed.

– Robert L.

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