There are three reasons why Eastern Pest Services should be your first choice:

  1. Our technicians are licensed, state-certified, and trained to the highest standards of the industry.
  2. We deliver reliable, guaranteed results on every visit.
  3. Your schedule is most important—we offer cordial services conducted on your time.

We work hard to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied with their pest control services. If we’ve surpassed your expectations, leave us a review below to let us know!

Yael Z. Avatar
Yael Z.
Eric is excellent!! Professional, thorough, knowledgeable, helpful and super friendly as well!
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Frank A. Avatar
Frank A.
Jeff and his team are the best! highly recommend eastern pest services!
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Tom B. Avatar
Tom B.
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Thomas D. Avatar
Thomas D.
Very efficient and professional.
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Suranjan K. Avatar
Suranjan K.
Good service
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Suzanne Hill
I just love using these guys over Viking or Terminex! Always easy to deal with and professional. Today Eric showed up and hands down the nicest, thoughtful and professional gentleman! Love you guys, don’t change!
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Maureen R. Avatar
Maureen R.
We have used Eastern Pests for many years. Very responsive. They recently solved a hornet problem for us. Eric needed to visit twice as we had a large best, and our problem was successfully resolved. We highly recommend them.
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Ross C. Avatar
Ross C.
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Michele E
The exterminator Sean who comes to my home is very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant, he's the best! Scheduling staff is always very nice as well. I have used Eastern for several years now and they are a great company, I am very happy with them.
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Joanne H. Avatar
Joanne H.
5 star rating
The nicest group of people, EVER! They are super courteous and answer all our questions. We have used them two years in a row to remove hornet and wasp nests. They respond very quickly. I highly recommend.
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Richard Williams Jr
An exterminator Chris came to my apartment today
and was very thorough, informative and polite.
He went out of his way to get behind the major appliances to
spray and leave baits. Customer Service At It's Best
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Neil M. Avatar
Neil M.
Very nice guy and knowledgable, honest company.
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Linda Hart
Cesar Mercedes was wonderful, kind and friendly. Very professional he was very thorough in his job. I would highly recommend Cesar.
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Their technician Eric was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Overall a very good and reliable company. Thank you
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Our tech Sean was wonderful! We had wasps making their way into our house with the temps being so warm, and he came out on time, took the time to explain to me what he was going to do to treat, and treated effectively around our entire home, not just the affected area. He even gave suggestions for things we could to further prevent pests in our home outside of just treating for them. Super nice and friendly! Customer service team has always been friendly and helpful on the phone as well!
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Nicole S. Avatar
Nicole S.
Ok I hate to leave anything negative but I have to say I’m a little upset. The service was great in terms of when I needed someone they were able to send someone right away or the next day. The guys who came to my house were always super sweet and friendly! My biggest compliant is that I called them originally for mice. After checking several times they said they were unable to catch or find any. Fine. Then I kept noticing wasps in my shower. They came and took down a hive. But the bees kept on coming despite the hive now being gone. They said they were coming through an open window and it’s normal for bees to remain around after a hive is moved and it was fine and they will go away. Ok, I trusted them. I’m now getting my bathroom redone several months later and the guy had to go into the attic to put the extractor outside. He came across a huge wasp stuck to a glue board. I’m just wondering why not a single person was ever able to find anything in my attic other than an untrained contractor whose job isn’t even to find these issues. He said he found about 60 dead bees in the attic but I was originally told they were coming through a window. So overall I’m just annoyed because I paid and I wish they would have checked the attic for a nest after I kept telling them the bees are still in my shower
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Peter V. Avatar
Peter V.
A great company that I highly recommend, professional and amazing service, the technicians are wonderful. Everyone from the office staff to the technicians are highly responsive.
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allan v. Avatar
allan v.
Great company, all are a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend them.
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Maureen H. Avatar
Maureen H.
Always very timely and professional
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paul t. Avatar
paul t.
Eastern Pest Services is the best. They showed up immediately, they listened and they solved the problem of a litter of rats. Kudos to Gary, Eric and anyone else that helped out. THANK YOU.
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pozz thy
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Angelo G
Mr. Torres did a fantastic job. Eastern Pest Services and Mr. Torres are very professional. Every area in our home from the attic to basement was treated. Very good company.
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Andrew M
Just wanted to say how happy I am with Eastern Pest control. We’ve had great service for over a year and the technicians are always on time, courteous and knowledgeable. At our most recent visit, Ralph was so thorough and despite bad weather checked all over the house and made sure we were good to go for the winter. Great service all around.
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Brenna F. Avatar
Brenna F.
5 star rating
We bought an old house last fall and found a few mice in the crawl space off of our basement. We called eastern pest services to take care of it and they immediately sent someone out. They recommended that we go on the one year plan in case any other issues came up as the seasons changed. It was around $300 and they treat our first problem and come back an unlimited amount of times whenever you need after that. It was a smart decision because we then had a bee problem later on. The people that they have sent to us are so nice and do a great job of explaining the issue, how they plan to treat it and what we can do to make sure it never happens again.Most of all, they are very conscious of pets and kids in the house and make sure to only use products that will not harm our dogs. Very appreciated!
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K H. Avatar
K H.
Always helpful and friendly. They get the job done when we need them.
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Megan C. Avatar
Megan C.
Positive: Professionalism , Punctuality , Quality , Responsiveness , Value I cannot emphasize enough how professional, responsive, and kind this team is. I have worked with both AJ and Jeffrey. Their work is very thorough and they are clearly experts in what they do. Their admin team is quick to respond and was very helpful on the phone. Will definitely be using for all pest needs!
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Ginny R. Avatar
Ginny R.
Prompt, responsive and friendly. Did a thorough inspection.
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Joe T. Avatar
Joe T.
This is the second time I had to use Eastern for a carpenter bee issue on my garage. The tech and estimater were both excellent to work with. They were both on time and answered all my questions. Technician was very thorough. The previous time I used them was in 2019, so I was pleased that the original treatment lasted 3 years.Service: Bee extermination
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Barbara K. Avatar
Barbara K.
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Timothy V. Avatar
Timothy V.
Jeff was great and informative when we had our consultation. Was able to explain everything and the best course of action while setting proper expectations. When they came out to service my property, everything was smooth and professional. Great experience, would recommend to anyone looking for this service!
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