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Flea and Tick Control & Removal

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Fleas and ticks are the most common parasitic pests living in Northern New Jersey. Being so small, both of them are hard to get rid of. In certain cases, fleas and ticks are able to spread diseases and cause infections in both people and pets, so it's important to take proper steps to get rid of them when you have an issue with either. This usually means teaming up with a professional tick or flea control company to conduct pest control services that will get rid of them and keep them away.

The flea and tick control technicians at Eastern Pest Services know that problems with parasitic pests can be very stressful. We will work hard to keep them out of your home in North Jersey.

Complete Flea & Tick Control Solutions

Once ticks or fleas establish themselves on your property, it can be quite difficult to get rid of them without help from a tick or flea removal expert. Our technicians at Eastern Pest Services can help you by taking extra care to inspect your entire property for pest hotspots. When we discover the reasons for your infestation, we will draft a unique plan to put a stop to it. With personalized service and experienced technicians, you can be sure that we will keep ticks and fleas off of your property for good. 

Flea & Tick Removal for YOUR HOME

Residential Pest Control for Fleas and Ticks

One of the worst parts about dealing with ticks or fleas is worrying about the health of your pets. If you have dogs or cats, ticks and fleas will be even harder to get rid of on your own. Eastern Pest Services has over 35 years of experience getting rid of ticks and fleas. 

Our flea and tick control team will take the following steps to get rid of these pests in your home:

  1. We will conduct a thorough inspection to find where the ticks or fleas are living and breeding on your property.
  2. Based on our findings, we will apply pertinent pest control products or use certain strategies.
  3. After treatment, we will be available for preventative maintenance or tick and flea control advice. 

Flea & Tick Removal for YOUR BUSINESS

Keep Ticks & Fleas Out of Your Business

Ticks and fleas can quickly tarnish a business’ reputation. Having parasitic pests around can be taken as a sign of uncleanliness or improper upkeep. It can also have an effect on productivity, distracting or frightening your staff. To avoid the dangers of a flea or tick infestation on your commercial property, it’s important to work with professional tick removal experts like ours at Eastern Pest Services.

Our technicians understand how these pests operate. We can set up a plan to keep them away from your business for good.

Eastern Pest Services Reviews

Melissa, Tony, and Eric were freindly, professional and knowledgeable on the subject of pest control. Extremely thorough service. I would highly recommend to others. Top notch service. You will not be disappointed.

– Robert L.

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