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In warehouses and industrial facilities, pest infestations bring the risk of contaminated packaging, degraded product quality, as well as expensive property damage. Whether you are manufacturing food products or storing packaged goods, you can trust Eastern Pest Services to provide warehouse pest control that really works. 

Our experienced warehouse exterminators are here to protect your property, preserve the quality of stored goods, and ensure sanitary working conditions for your staff.

The Importance of Warehouse Pest Control

Warehouses are an ideal habitat for many kinds of pests. They provide the three things that they need to survive — food, water and shelter – and because of their large size, it can be hard to track them down yourself. Warehouses and industrial sites are already vulnerable, but especially if your facility stores or produces food, it can quickly become a haven for beetles, ants, birds, rodents, moths, and more. 

If you start noticing signs of an infestation, it’s always better to act sooner rather than later. Seek help from an extermination company that’s experienced with warehouse pest control.

We can help you eliminate these common warehouse pests all year long:

Long-Lasting Industrial Pest Control Services

Harboring an infestation in your warehouse can have a lot of short-term and long-term consequences. Five of the risks of pest infestations in warehouses include:

  • Loss in productivity
  • Operational disruptions
  • Customer dissatisfaction and/or reputational damage
  • Failure to meet inspection and regulatory requirements 
  • Deliveries delayed or canceled

Custom Pest Control for Warehouses and Industrial Facilities

When you work with Eastern Pest Services, we work with you to create a pest control plan that is tailored to your needs. We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, which basically means that we consider all factors that are contributing to an infestation, and we work to eliminate those factors so you can enjoy long-term results.

We take the following measures when treating your warehouse:

  • Thorough assessment inside and out identifying all of the pest pressures that brought them inside.
  • Treating any and all infested areas. We use cutting-edge treatments that ensure you get maximum benefit from any materials we apply.
  • Appointments made at times that are convenient for you with absolute discretion during our visits.
  • Following up on treatment and making any necessary adjustments to the plan.
  • Providing required documentation and support for health inspectors and other government officials

We’re the Warehouse Pest Control Experts

At Eastern Pest Services, we understand that warehouse and industrial pest control comes with its own unique set of challenges. But with over 35 years of experience, our technicians can ensure that your facility stays pest-free* throughout the year. 

Ready to experience warehouse pest control that works? Contact Eastern Pest Services today to schedule your appointment!

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