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As the weather warms in North Jersey, it’s nice to take advantage of the season and enjoy time outside. But nothing ruins a barbeque or pool party faster than a swarm of blood-hungry mosquitoes. These pests are always a nuisance this time of year, as the weather is perfect for them to come out of hibernation and start looking for places to breed. They’re a problem, sure, but do you really need the help from an exterminator in North Jersey to get rid of them? The experts at Eastern Pest Services are here to tell you the facts.

Does Home Mosquito Repellent Work?

If you find yourself pestered by pests like mosquitoes, you may have come across countless online “lifehacks” that claim to get rid of them without any professional help. Oftentimes, however, these solutions produce little to nothing in terms of actual results.

Bug zappers may kill a few mosquitoes, but it won’t stop them from breeding on your property. In fact, the light might actually draw more insects than it repels. And mosquito repellent bracelets claim to deter pests with natural oils – which it does, to a radius of about three centimeters

It’s an unpleasant truth, but most non-expert mosquito killers just don’t work as advertised, usually for one of three reasons:

  • They’re improperly applied without treating the source of the infestation. 
  • They aren’t strong enough, allowing infestations to reform in a matter of weeks. 
  • They don’t address nesting spots, allowing for pests to continue breeding.

With all that in mind, what can you do on your own to combat mosquitoes?

DIY Mosquito Solutions

While it may not be possible to eradicate a mosquito infestation by yourself, there are measures you can take to create the kind of environment mosquitoes don’t want to live in. 

You can start by removing all sources of standing water around your property. Make sure your bird pools are empty, your pool filter functioning, and your yard doesn’t become waterlogged. Mosquitoes can breed in a body of water the size of a thimble. While you can’t address every drop of excess water in your yard, taking care of the big sources can go a long way.

You can also set a box fan or two running on your patio, or anywhere else you plan on hanging out. Creating a constant breeze will keep pests like mosquitoes from landing and feeding. Of course, this won’t be your answer to an infestation. To clear that out for good, you’ll need the help of the best mosquito exterminators in North Jersey.

Eastern Pest Services for Mosquito Extermination in North Jersey

Mosquitoes spread quickly and easily, and once they start to breed it can be nearly impossible to wipe them out alone. But if you’re a property owner in North Jersey, you have a defender at the ready with 35 years of experience killing mosquitoes. We can provide effective service that meets the needs of your home or business, allowing you to live happily and free of pests. 

So this summer, don’t let a good day go to waste. Contact us today and get ready to soak in the sun in peace. 

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