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Rat and Mice Control & Extermination

Have you come across chewed baseboards, furniture, or cabinet trim? What about droppings or chewed-through bags of food? Do you hear scratching noises at night? If you answered yes, you likely have rodents.

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Why Choose Eastern Pest Services for Rodent Control?

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Rats and mice are dangerous to both property and people. They can chew through walls and pipes, causing water damage. Just as bad, rodents can start fires in your home by gnawing on wires. Even worse, they contaminate food and food prep areas with their urine, feces, and saliva. With contamination comes illness. Rodents are known disease vectors, transmitting rat bite fever, dysentery, salmonella, and hantavirus. For these reasons, it is best to seek professional help from an experienced, local pest control company. With over 35 years of experience, Eastern Pest Services is your resource for residential and commercial rodent control. We approach rodent control as a multi-step procedure and do the best to guarantee a rodent-free home or business. Contact us today to schedule your inspection & estimate!

About Rodent Control

Mice & Rats are some of the most commonly found mammals in the entire United States. They can flourish in many different environments, and possess a level of intelligence that’s uncommon with most pest creatures. Therefore there’s no denying the potential trouble mice can bring. Mice infestations are particularly burdensome because of their destructive nature, and the number of diseases they spread. This combined with their incredibly fast breeding habits make them a problem for any home or business owner they come in contact with.

To keep mice and other rodents out, Eastern Pest Services uses a series of proven techniques to alleviate the infestation from your home or business. We first identify any possible access points and conducive conditions that the rodents will use, followed by a series of baits and traps. Other pest control companies may use only one approach to remove the rodents, but this has been proven to be insufficient. With Eastern Pest Services we will come to your home multiple times until our traps return clear, and your home or business is removed of the rodent problem!

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Mice Characteristics:

There are two common types of mice in Bergen, Morris, Essex, Passaic & Somerset County: House & Deer Mice

House Mouse Description:

  • Gray body with cream colored stomach
  • About 2 inch body with 2-4 inch tail
  • Round shape
  • Pointy nose/muzzle
  • Large ears
  • House Mouse

    House mice are the most common rodent found worldwide. They breed year round and prefer to live in pre-built structures with easy access to needed food, water & shelter.

    Deer Mouse Description:

  • Brown body with white colored feet & stomach
  • 5-8 inches long
  • Round shape
  • Larger than House mice
  • Deer Mouse

    Deer mice rarely invade homes, and are most commonly found in rural areas. They make their home outdoors in sheltered areas, such as hollow tree logs or piles of debris. If they do invade your home, they typically prefer undisturbed areas such as attics, garages or barns.

    Rat Characteristics:

    The two most common types of rats in Bergen, Morris, Essex, Passaic & Somerset County are Norway & Roof Rats

    Norway Rats Description:

  • Brown w/ speckled black body w/ light stomach
  • 7-9 inches long
  • Stockier build
  • Blunt nose/muzzle
  • Norway Rats

    Norway rats are the most common species in Bergen, Morris, Essex, Passaic & Somerset County. They often referred to as sewer rats, common rats or brown rats. They are excellent climbers and often enter homes in the fall when outside food sources become scarce.

    Roof Rats Description:

  • Brown or black body with light colored stomach
  • 6-8 inches long with equally or longer length tail
  • Long and thin body shape
  • Roof Rats

    Roof rats get their name from their tendency to be found in the upper parts of buildings. They have very poor vision and are color blind, but have strong senses of hearing, smell, touch & taste. They are found all over Bergen, Morris, Essex, Passaic & Somerset County.

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