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It always helps to know the signs of a mouse or rat infestation. If you find piles of droppings, signs of bite marks on food or personal storage, or hear scratching coming from inside your walls – these are all signs of rodents in the home. Even if you just suspect you have rats or mice, you can call on Eastern Pest Services to inspect your home so you can know for certain. And we can remove any variety of rodent common in and around New Jersey with little effort and effective results. However, if these rats and mice make their way into your insulation, they can cause a degree of damage that we do not cover as a company.

How exactly do rats contaminate your home’s insulation? What can Eastern Pest Control do to help families in the area? Read below to answer both of those questions and more.

Fiberglass Frenzy

Mice and rat infestations form after a few members of a colony move into a home searching for a food source and a place to shelter. And they usually end up in the attic or the void between walls, two places where they can set up shop and be relatively undisturbed. The insulation in these areas is only an added benefit. Fiberglass insulation is the most common choice for households around New Jersey, since it’s cheap and easy to install. Unfortunately, this fluffy pink batting is also the most appealing to rodents and other pests. A rat or mouse in your house will enjoy tunneling through the material, biting and tearing off insulation for either a quick meal or material for their nests. And all the while they’ll be contaminating the fiberglass with their defecation, creating the kind of problem only a professional can handle.

We never suggest removing damaged insulation on your own, as rat dropping may contain Hantavirus that can be released into the air if handled improperly. The best solution is to trust in a home service expert who understands eat needs to be done to replace your insulation safely. But you know what would be even better? Working with Easten Pest Services to make sure rodents never get in to begin with.

Rodent Exclusion in Northern New Jersey

Wildlife exclusion is a form of pest control that works to keep pests out of any home or property. As you read this you may have vulnerabilities in your property that you aren’t even aware of. We have a team of qualified pest control technicians that will find every potential entry point and address them accordingly. This might look like filling cracks or covering gaps. Once we finish your home will be guarded not only against rodents, but many other pests as well. This will leave your heating and cooling systems work better and more efficiently, and everyone in your household will be the better for it.

You shouldn’t have to worry if the inner structure of your home is working. Eastern Pest Services offers rodent exterminating that’s guaranteed to work for your needs. If you’re curious to know more, we’re happy to answer any questions. Contact us today to get started!

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