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Eastern Commercial Fly Control & House Fly Removal

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Eastern will customize a solution to eliminate your fly problem. We have a team of experts on staff that will develop a treatment program for you to get rid of flies and keep them from coming back.

When Eastern treats for flies, we use a muli-pronged approach to eliminate the existing population and remove the breeding site.

In addition, we will work to educate you about why the problem started and how to prevent a re-occurence. Trust Eastern to provide a lasting solution to your fly control problem.

Cluster Flies

Also known as “Attic Flies”, they have become a major nuisance throughout the U.S. & Canada.  Invading structures in great numbers in the fall and continue to appear in winter & spring as they migrate from attics and other sites. They will emerge on the sunny side of the home in windows and door ways. They usually move slower than other flies and are quite large.

Cluster Flies are covered by our Overwintering Insect Program, including stink bugs, lady bugs, and box elder bugs.

Eastern Will Get Rid Of Flies In Five Steps

  • Complete site evaluation
  • Eliminate the adult population
  • Eradicate the breeding sites
  • Eliminate food source & other attractants
  • Educate To prevent recurrence

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When you call Eastern, a certified technician will come to your home or business and perform a complete initial consultation at no charge.

Next, Eastern will develop a pest elimination program designed for you by your technician and our team of in-house entomologists.

Be Confident that you will have the best solution for your individual problem. Call Eastern now and schedule your free initial consultation.