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For some reason home owners tend to have an innate fear of spiders, and get scared at the site of a single spider. In actuality, some spiders that are commonly found in homes are fairly harmless, but there are several species which are regarded as dangerous. For this reason you should not attempt to get rid of spiders yourself, and at first site of one, it’s important to call a local pest professional to help identify it over the phone.

Cellar Spiders, Wolf Spiders, Jumping Spiders and Crab Spiders

These species local to the Northeast US tend to be grouped as non-dangerous spiders; however, all spiders have fangs that contain some sort of venom, so a localized reaction can occur from their bites.

Cellar Spiders – make cobwebs in your cellar and can be active  year-round

Wolf Spiders – big, hairy spiders that hunt insects, but don’t spin webs

Jumping Spiders – large eyes; very active & jump when provoked

Crab Spiders – commonly identified by its bright red color

This group of spiders is mostly active year-round, with the cellar spider as an exception. When not active, they go into a state of “hibernation”.

Dangerous Spiders: Black Widow, Yellow Sack, and Brown Recluse Spiders

These species have strong, potent venom which is considered to be more dangerous than that of a rattlesnake. If bitten, the venom has the potential to put your body in a cramp and cause cardiac arrest.

Black Widow – black with red hourglass on abdomen; about the size of a dime; webs can be found in dark areas with little airflow

Yellow Sack – small yellow spider; ½ in size; bright yellow abdomen; its bite looks like an infected pimple

Brown Recluse – brown in color; not lethal, but may lead to a laceration or loss of a chunk of flesh; difficult to heal; commonly misidentified as the brown tree louse spider

Signs of a Spider Infestation In most cases, a spider infestation is identified either by finding a web or seeing an actual spider. Sometimes the spiderlings can be found on the property in the hundreds.

Spider Treatment by Eastern Pest

An Eastern Pest specialist will come to your home and provide you with a free inspection. Along with the free inspection, the specialist will go over a plan and procedure tailored to you to maximize the effectiveness of the spider control and removal process.

Treatment consists of a residual insecticide which is applied to dark areas, foundations and the perimeter of the home, the basement sill plates, and French drains. This covers the most common places spiders enter the home to create their webs, as well as keep dangerous outdoor spiders outside of the home. Any webs are carefully removed to ensure all spider eggs are properly disposed of.

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