Wolf Spider


Actual Size: 1 ½”

Characteristics: Brown in color with black, grey, or dark brown pattern on back. Large in size.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Typically lives outdoors in leaf litter and grassy areas. Can also be found inside near doors, windows, basements, and garages.


  • Hunts both during the night and the day.
  • Active hunters that stalk their prey instead of building webs.
  • Female spiders keep their spiderlings on their back until they are grown.

Wolf Spiders in North Jersey

Wolf spiders are large, fast, and very unnerving to find in your home or business. Since these spiders have excellent vision, they can see humans approaching them and will run away if you get too close. Though they can also hunt during the day, many wolf spiders are nocturnal and use a highly reflective structure in their eyes to see in the dark. If you shine a flashlight at ground level, you may see the green reflection of their eyes from as far as 30 feet away. While wolf spiders are not typically dangerous to human health, their large size makes them unpleasant to find indoors.

Wolf Spider Habitat

Most wolf spiders live outdoors in leaf litter and grassy areas. They often live together in groups of hundreds or thousands and spend their time patrolling the ground for prey. Since they primarily feed on small insects and other spiders, they play an important role in the ecosystem by reducing the populations of harmful pests. Some wolf spiders build small burrows and defend their territory, while others roam free from place to place. Female wolf spiders also carry their young on their backs until they are independent enough to survive on their own, which can lead to a nasty surprise should you try to squish one.

Wolf Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Despite their large size and impressive hunting ability, wolf spiders are rarely aggressive toward humans. They don’t typically bite people unless they are provoked or feel threatened. Wolf spider bites can be painful, but they are not generally dangerous to healthy adults; that said, at-risk populations such as children or the elderly may have a negative reaction to a bite. If you notice swelling, slow healing, sores, or other concerning symptoms, seek medical attention quickly.

If you are dealing with wolf spiders in your North Jersey property, contact your local spider pest control technicians.