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Camel Cricket Control & Removal in Bergen, Morris, Essex, Passaic & Somerset County

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Eastern has been providing pest control since 1882, and camel crickets are age-old pests which Eastern has been treating for years. It's important to choose the right company for your crickets problem in order to correct the problem quickly and safely. Camel crickets can get out of hand extremely quick and be found in high numbers.

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What Do Camel Crickets Look Like?

Camel Cricket

Camel crickets are creepy looking creatures. Their long legs resemble those of a daddy long legs spider, giving them the ability to jump high and startle passersby (as you may have experienced). Typically found having a light tan/dark brown humped body and long antennae, the camel cricket does not have wings like the field cricket does. Another differentiating factor is the chirping ability of the field cricket made by rubbing their legs together.

Where Can I Find Camel Crickets?

Camel Cricket

When camel crickets find a conducive environment, they can become unwieldy. They search for dark, damp environments like basements, garages, sheds, sill plates, rafters, sump pumps, stacks of firewood, or caves. Infestations are usually identified by seeing multiple crickets jumping and causing a stir. Since they do not make a chirping noise like the field cricket, they can remain unnoticed and flourish if the humidity suits their needs in order to breed.

Do Camel Crickets Pose Any Dangers?

Camel Cricket

Camel crickets do NOT pose any serious threats and mainly serve as a nuisance. However, one of their preferred food sources is mold, which may mean you have an existing mold problem. Camel crickets in the home may eat through clothes, linens, and paper products, ruining your valuables.

Best Practices for Camel Crickets

#1 – Seal up gaps in the foundation, doors, and windows. This will prevent camel crickets from entering the home. Also make sure there is sufficient weather stripping applied to the bottom of your garage door.

#2 – Keep moisture levels in the house at a normal level so as to not create a desired living environment for camel crickets.

#3 – Mulch beds and shrubbery should be at least a foot away from the foundation of the home. Store firewood away from the outside of the home and entrance ways.

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