Stink Bug


Actual Size: ¾”

Characteristics: Grayish brown with a marbled appearance.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: 2 pairs

Habitat: Prefers sunny areas near trees. If they get indoors, they typically stay near windows in pools of light.


  • Can damage crops and fruit trees.
  • Known for entering homes in the fall to overwinter.
  • True to their name, they emit a foul odor when frightened or crushed.

Stink Bugs in North Jersey

Stink bugs are an insect that live up to their name. Though they’re most known for emitting a foul-smelling chemical when frightened or crushed, they are also a danger to our crops and fruit trees. Not only that, but they can become a big problem for property owners in the winter. Since they typically don’t survive in the freezing winter temperatures here in North Jersey, they seek shelter indoors – often in large amounts. Stink bugs often congregate in south-facing portions of homes and buildings to stay in well-lit areas, where they usually spend their time searching for food like fruit or beans.

Stink Bug Habitat

Outdoors, stink bugs tend to live beneath cracked or peeling bark from dying trees. Since the bark provides some protection, the stink bugs may stay out there even in the winter. However, more often than not, they try to sneak indoors as soon as the weather turns cold. Stink bugs often gain access to our homes through broken screens, open windows, and other tiny entry points. They seek out narrow and protected areas to hide in, preferring areas that are higher-up and well-lit. If you’ve ever found a stink bug in your home, you know they stick to tiny cracks around windows, door trim, ceiling lights, and baseboards.

Stink Bug Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

While stink bugs are not harmful to people, pets, or houses, they’re not a very good houseguest. Thanks to their foul smell, ability to stain surfaces, and habit of destroying fruit trees, many homeowners dread an infestation. And unfortunately, stink bugs often invade in large numbers, which can be distressing to come across in your home or business. If you have a stink bug problem in your North Jersey property, contact your local pest control technicians for help! At Eastern Pest Services, our licensed experts go above and beyond to figure out exactly what’s causing your infestation in the first place. We will then quickly remove the insects and implement preventative measures to keep them from coming back.