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Something home owners don’t know about getting rid of ants is that over the counter sprays and repellents can actually make ant problems worse. This is called “budding”, where foraging ants exposed to these repellents separate from their colonies and start new ones. Instead of improving your problem, you’re only making it worse.

Ants can especially become a nuisance when they start to enter the home during the spring and summer months. Between carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, acrobat ants and pharaoh ants, home owners surely have their work cut out for them when it comes to ant elimination and preventing reoccurring infestations.

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Termindor Ant Control When you call Eastern Pest for ant treatment and removal, you can expect it to be done safely and effectively with Termidor Ant Control. Eastern is a Certified Termidor Specialist.

Why Does Eastern Pest Use Termidor® Ant Removal?

  • Termidor®  is a non-repellent, undetectable liquid treatment
  • The Termidor® “Transfer Effect” even controls ants that never make direct contact with the treated surface
  • Results are prevalent in 1-3 days, with most infestations fully controlled in just 1 week

We’ll start by providing you with a free inspection to correctly identify your pest problem, which is key to applying the right treatment. The specialist will then apply the Termidor® treatment to the exterior of the home which is where the ants nest. Since the treatment is applied only to the exterior and virtually odorless, you won’t even know it’s there. Since it’s undetectable by ants as well, the ants will contact the treatment on the way out of your home back to the colony where they expose the rest of their colony to the treatment. That is the Termidor® Transfer Effect!

Our treatment is backed by a full guarantee to put your mind at ease. We are so confident we’ll get rid of your pests the first time we offer a 1 year guarantee on our treatment that is renewable. By the off-chance there is a reinfestation, we will come out and retreat at no extra charge.

Pest Prevention Tips

The best way to keep your home pest free is to follow these simple tips post-treatment:

Inside the home

  1. Keep the inside of the home free of crumbs and drink spills
  2. Regularly take out the trash
  3. If you recycle, be sure to properly rinse glass jars and cans

Outside the home

  1. Seal doors and windows; ants can sneak through the smallest of spaces
  2. Clear rain gutters regularly to prevent moisture coming through the walls
  3. Remove “bridges” to your home by trimming trees and plants touching the house
  4. Raise firewood off the ground and away from the home

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When you call Eastern, a certified technician will come to your home or business and perform a complete initial consultation at no charge.

Next, Eastern will develop a pest elimination program designed for you by your technician and our team of in-house entomologists.

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