Acrobat Ant


Actual Size: 2.5 to 4 mm

Characteristics: Heart-shaped abdomen with light brown or black coloration.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Reproductive male and females have wings.

Habitat: Usually nests in rotting or decaying wood. May also inhabit old termite galleries or carpenter ant nests, particularly in wall voids or other quiet areas with access to damp wood.


  • Attracted to rose bushes, fruit trees, and other shrubs that regularly house aphids.
  • Can strip insulation off electrical wires, causing short circuits and serious fire hazards.
  • Will hold their abdomen high above their head when excited or disturbed.

Acrobat Ants in North Jersey

Acrobat ants get their nickname from their habit of arching their abdomens above their heads when alarmed or threatened. Though they are less common in North Jersey, they can pose a serious threat to property owners should they infest. Acrobat ants are known for tunneling through soft and damp wood, much like carpenter ants. They can also strip the insulation off electrical wiring, leading to short circuiting and serious fire hazards. Since acrobat ants are attracted to wet or damaged wood, an infestation could also be an indication of a larger moisture problem in your home or building.

Acrobat Ant Habitat

When outdoors, acrobat ants practice mutualism, meaning they tend aphids and feed on the honeydew that the aphids produce. These ants typically prefer to stay outdoors in rose bushes, tree stumps, and abandoned termite or carpenter ant galleries. However, they can also infest wooden structures – particularly those with water damage or moisture problems. For that reason, acrobat ants are typically found along door and window frames or wall voids that have been damaged by leaky pipes. If they get indoors, these ants may also try to access the food in your kitchen cabinets or pantries.

Acrobat Ant Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Worker acrobat ants are quite aggressive and may bite or sting humans. Though the pain is usually short-lived and mild, the bites and stings can still be painful and may cause some swelling for a few days. If acrobat ants infest your property, they may also destroy wooden structures and electrical systems while building a nest. Infestations are unpleasant and potentially dangerous, which is why you should contact a professional ant pest control technician if you notice these pests on or near your property. At Eastern Pest Services, our licensed technicians go above and beyond to safely remove the acrobat ants as quickly as possible while preventing future infestations from taking place. That way, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your property is fully protected.