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Mosquitoes are commonly regarded as a summer nuisance; they can quickly fill up your backyard, disrupting many outdoor activities as they attempt to feed on your blood. The recent uptick in the number of West Nile and Zika virus cases, however, has turned mosquito control into something of a necessity. As a result, our safe but effective mosquito control program has become one of our most popular services.

Mosquito Control

For small fixes, remove any areas of stagnant water close to the home, which mosquitoes use as their breeding grounds. Examples include clogged gutters, bird baths, ponds, puddles, and old tires.

However, if you want to dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard, your best bet is a powerful, eco-friendly mosquito control treatment performed by a trained specialist.

Organic Cedar Oil: Eastern Pest’s Preferred Mosquito Treatment

The discovery of cedar’s mosquito repellent properties stretches as far back as the Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks. In Colonial America, early pioneers scattered cedar wood chips on the floors of their cabins to ward off insects. At Eastern Pest we have harnessed the traditional, natural power of cedar in the form of a totally green, organic oil.

3 Reasons Why Eastern Pest Prefers Organic Cedar Oil

1. Safety and Health

We pride ourselves on keeping you, your family, your pets, and the planet safe. Organic cedar oil is a natural, 100% green alternative to synthetic chemicals. After our trained technicians apply the treatment, it dissipates quickly, leaving behind a refreshing, cedar chest fragrance. Considering it is chemical-free, your children and pets can immediately play in your yard following the application.

2. Effectiveness

Although organic cedar oil is 100% safe for humans, animals, and the planet, its effectiveness against mosquitoes has been proven in insect mortality tests. Unlike insecticides, which have to enter the pests’ bodies, organic cedar oil only needs to touch their exterior. Upon contact, this toxic-free alternative sets off a chain reaction in mosquitoes’ respiratory systems, closing off their breathing passages known as spiracles. The pests fall like stones, leaving your yard practically mosquito-free.

According to data compiled by an independent lab in July 2016, the organic cedar oil we use boasts an efficacy rate of 100% for mosquitoes present at time of application. Within 30 minutes of treatment, it knocked down all mosquitoes, rendering them incapable of flying or biting. After 2 days, 100% of them were dead!

As an added bonus, our organic cedar oil also eliminates any ticks or fleas in your yard.

3. Long-Lasting Effect

Organic cedar oil needs to be applied only once every 30 days. We typically start treatment in May and suggest reapplying it up until September or October, depending on the weather.

You can rest assured that our treatment is effective even if your neighbors do not receive mosquito control. How can this be? Mosquitoes are in fact unable to fly long distances.

Event Treatments

We are happy to provide party sprays in addition to our regular services. We will come out one day prior to the event in order to apply our organic cedar oil treatment.

If you are planning a birthday party, wedding, or any other type of outdoor get-together, ensure that your gathering is a success. Call us and ask about our event treatments!

Why Choose Eastern Pest?

In addition to offering the safest and cleanest mosquito solution, we wish to provide you with the best service possible. After you call us, an Eastern Pest specialist will come to your home and provide you with a free inspection. Along with the free inspection, the specialist will go over a plan and procedure tailored to your needs in order to maximize the effectiveness of the mosquito control and removal process.

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