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Eastern Pest Services will conduct a free inspection of unsightly holes caused by carpenter bees, then treat to prevent future structural damage to your home or business. A highly trained Eastern Pest Services technician will inspect all areas where carpenter bees are suspected. Once carpenter bee tunnels are located, the technician will fill the holes with the treatment to prevent any additional infestation.

Areas That Can Be Damaged by Carpenter Bees:

  • Eaves, fascia boards, siding, shakes and shingles
  • Window and door sills
  • Sheds, garages, barns and fences
  • Wooden play-sets, decks, porches and lawn furniture

Eastern's Advantage:

  • If Pests Return So Do We - Trust Eastern's Guarantee!

  • Free inspections for Carpenter Bees

  • Licensed Pest Control Technicians

  • Service Throughout Northern & Central New Jersey

  • Treatment Plans Available

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How We Treat:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the suspected area

  • Treat the galleries and tunnels created by the carpenter bees

  • Inspect surrounding areas for additional signs of carpenter bees


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How to Know If You Have Carpenter Bees:

  • Carpenter bees look like shiny bumblebees

  • Carpenter bees build nests for larvae in soft, untreated wood

  • Carpenter bees nest in wooden structures, fences & furniture

  • The holes are the circumference of a finger

  • There are piles of wood shavings near holes

  • Carpenter bee feces leave yellow-brown stains near the holes

  • Male carpenter bees buzz curiously and hover near nests

Carpenter bee beginning a new hole in wood for nest

Reasons To Treat:

Carpenter bees dig tunnels that can cause structural damage. Acidic carpenter bee feces drip from the holes, causing difficult to remove stains that can even etch glass. Early treatment prevents more damage to your home and property. Carpenter bees hinder the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces by stinging, and buzzing loudly near the nest & around your property.

Carpenter bee emerging from nesting hole

Carpenter Bee Damage to Home

Carpenter bee tunnels are 4-6 in. long. Reused tunnels can be up to 10 ft. Holes can be enlarged by woodpeckers who eat carpenter bee larvae or by rodents looking to enter homes.

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Carpenter Bee Nuisance Behavior

Male carpenter bees hover and buzz the heads of anyone who appears to threaten the nest, while females can even sting if they feel threatened.

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